One – start fixing inequalities.

  • Most european countries by now have something similar. Introduce a citizenship salary.
  • Introduce a maximum ratio between best paid and least paid in the same company. Similar to the 1:12 switzerland proposition

Two – get high school and university reformed, anglosaxon style.

  • toss out all baronies from the universities
  • introduce real and measurable merit criteria to rank universities – parameter state->university $ transfer solely around that

Three – make it a country where elder people can live well. They are now a huge portion of our society

Four – Fight gender discrimination.  Insist with quota at all levels.  Put significant awards for companies playing positive model on maternity.  Force fathers to take paternity leaves.  Pour more money to help a balanced public/private kindergarten system to accomodate the demand. There are so many other “easy” things could be done…

Five – find the money for that. Yes, cut public spending wastes. BUT also – take money from the do-have. Dont be shy to talk a serious  patrimomial tax. Be implacable against tax frauds. If it is deliberate and material, throw the keys away.

Talk to me from one to five and you will have my time and my vote. I’ll be your man.


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